How to Write a Romantic Christmass Greeting Card for Someone Special

Despite the fact that most commercial greetings cards contain a standard one liner, it’s nice to express exactly what you feel to someone special. In case like this, consider writing your own Christmass greeting card.

You can purchase a pre-made Christmass greeting card which usually comes with a matching envelope, and then attach a picture of your choice to the front of the card. Great choices are pictures of yourself and the recipient or a romantic snowy picture reminiscent of Christmass.

All that’s left before writing the greeting is to choose whether to personally write it directly on to the card, or to type it on a computer and print it on paper to then cut to size, and attach to the inside of the Christmass greeting card.

The Beginning

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. The trick to creating a romantic Christmass greeting card is to tell a short story, while keeping it to the point and based on the occasion (the reason the greeting is being sent.)

A good beginning explains in short what the time of year means to you, for example something like “This time of year always reminds me of the things I love in life…” is a perfect beginning.

The Middle

Another important part of a Christmass greeting card is the middle of the 3 part greeting. This part of the romantic greeting should include the things you fantasize about. These aren’t necessarily sexual things, they’re more about life. If you plan to be married, this is a good time to express your happiness about it. If you just want to express your love, this is the place.

An example of the middle part of a romantic Christmass greeting to a loved one is “This Christmass, Santa can’t bring me anything I want more than I want you….”

The Ending

The end of a Christmass card greeting is the icing on the cake. Offering content and commitment with the way things are is probably the most sincere way to end a greeting, and will be the last thing in the mind of the reader.

A good way to do this is to remind your significant other of the things you love about them. May it be their smile, their laugh, their sense of humor or their looks, this is the best time to let them know about it.

As with any other greeting card, a Christmass card is all about love, kindness and friendship. Writing your own romantic greeting is a perfect way to display your inner feelings during the best time of year, Christmass!

Tips to Enhance Your Greeting

Consider decorating your card with glitter or colored pens, personalizing it in a way that suits your needs. Christmass tree decorations and snowmen decorations are easy to find at craft stores, and easy to apply to homemade cards. Some may choose to place glitter all over the card, while others choose to do nothing more than draw a big red heart on the front of the card.

Another idea is to create a Christmass photo card, where a photo is attached to the front or inside of the card, highlighting the feeling behind the greeting.